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The founder of ELLA

Lilly Travieso was always athletically inclined and played different sports from a very young age. Over the years, she became passionate about playing softball and aspired to play softball in a top university. By playing this sport, she was able to overcome personal challenges and achieve many milestones. She learned to become a leader in and out of the field and traveled throughout the United States and internationally, such as Cuba to play softball.

This sport also brought many challenges and adversities in her life. She personally experienced many inequalities within the softball community, directly tie to the economic status of a player. She was raised in a middle class household but had to revert to raising funds to cover some of her softball travel expenses. She often wondered how anyone else with the same passion and aspiration she had would make this happen. Lilly is humble and thankful for all these opportunities that have come her way and would like young Latina girls like herself to have the same opportunities. Therefore, the idea and vision of ELLA was created.


Why ELLA? In Spanish, ELLA means her/she. It represents the journey of ELLA “Lilly” as a young Latina aspiring to receive a college degree from top universities in the country.

Lilly, “ELLA”, began playing softball at the young age of 6 years. From the moment she held the glove in her hand, she knew this was a special connection. As Lilly, “ELLA”, began to play competitive softball and explore her college options, she realized there were many inequalities in the softball community, especially for young Latina females. These inequalities led to adversities that young female Latina athletes had to endure if they chose to pursue their dream to play collegiate softball. For instance, to play competitively and gain exposure to top universities as a softball player, you must spend a large sum of money to train, and provide the necessary exposure to play competitively. There is also the extra costs associated with travel expenses to visit potential colleges and get prepared to take college entrance exams.

Lilly, “ELLA”, herself living in a household with middle class income, had to revert many times to fundraisers and sponsors in order to afford travel softball and get the exposure she needed. She shares that there were many times that her Christmas wish list included: bats, gloves and cleats to be able to offset some of her travel softball costs.

However, one thing that always baffled Lilly, “ELLA”, was how would young athletes living in a lower income household afford all this? How about young females living in underserved communities? Didn’t they share the same dream? Shouldn’t they have the same opportunities? How could they make this happen? Didn’t they share the same dream as Lilly, “ELLA”?

So it began, she knew something could be done to level the playing field and create opportunities for young female Latinas in all sports, and the vision of ELLA was born!!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I become a member?

Membership can be gained by filling out a membership application. Membership will be open in January 2020.

  • What is the Travel Assistance Program (TAP)?

The Travel Assistance Program (TAP) will provide financial assistance to student athlete members traveling to their Official/Unofficial Visits. The financial assistance can be used towards flight, and/or hotel accommodations.

  • How do I apply for any of the ELLA programs?

In order to apply for any programs, you must submit a program application and must have a current ELLA membership.

  • What benefit do I get for becoming a member?

As a member you will have access to multiple discounts for athletic equipment, events, and/or programs. Student Athlete Members will have full access to apply to various ELLA programs.

  • How old does my child have to be to participate in any of the ELLA programs?

To participate in any ELLA programs, you must be a full She must be a full time student in High School.

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